Childbirth is not only about the labour pains; it’s much more than that. The happiness that the little bundle of joy brings into your life is incomparable, but what most of the mothers fail to realize is that good food for themselves is not just rejoicing their taste buds, but it’s also about maintaining the physical and mental health. 7 to 9 months after delivery is a time when your baby has become super active too. Most of them start crawling by this time, and running behind a crawling baby needs more energy than anything else in this world. And healthy food is your only partner during this time. We shall discuss the diet during 7-9 months after delivery, which is indeed a crucial time to take care of what you eat and in how much quantity.

You can’t expect them to stop when you are tired; all you can do is consume tones of energy to have the stamina to cope with their level of energy. Let’s take a quick look at the food that you can have throughout the day that provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins, mineral, and are also full of energy. Let’s see all the foods that can be included and excused in the Indian diet plan for breastfeeding mothers

Diet During 7-9 Months After Delivery:


1. Protein-Rich Foods:

When you start your day with healthy eating, it keeps you energized throughout the day. Consuming protein-rich foods like eggs, boiled, or scrambled with added chopped vegetables is undoubtedly going to be the best food intake. Moreover, eggs are one of the best energy-boosting foods too. Adding more proteins in your daily diet and having one bowl of dal (pulses) for lunch or dinner serves the purpose for new moms.


2. Oatmeal:

When we talk about food that gives us energy and keeps us going throughout the day, we surely cannot miss oatmeal. Excellent source of Vitamin B, which lets the food you eat to get converted into energy, which you need the most 7-9 months after the delivery.


3. Spinach:

A rich source of iron transport oxygen required for the production of energy in our body. Not only this, but spinach is also loaded with magnesium and potassium, which plays a vital role in the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Apart from energy, this green leafy vegetable provides your muscles, the kind of stamina it needs to handle a crawling baby.


4. Fruits:

Taking 2-3 small meals apart from three major meals in a day is recommended. There are myths that you if eat more number of times you tend to get fat in your body. The truth is not this. If you take small meals, it benefits your body rather than hampering the growth. You can include fruits in those quick meals which are rich in natural sugars and provide instant energy to the body. Also, fruits like dates, figs, apricots and papaya help in increasing breast milk supply


5. Green Tea:

Are you a tea or a coffee addict? Caffeine is strictly prohibited, especially if the mothers are breastfeeding their babies. But then, we have an alternative for you. You can go for green tea instead, which has a minimal amount of caffeine that will take care of the medication and do no harm to the body. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol level of the body.


6. Nuts:

Nuts are also an instant source of energy, but make sure you consume them in moderate quantity. You can even soak them overnight, and this makes them even more nutritious and also get more comfortable to digest. 


7. Water:

We talk about healthy food a lot, but what we neglect is an essential part that might nullify all the effects of the nutritious food provided to your body. Water it is! At least eight glasses of water are recommended. Dehydration not only causes physical weakness, but it has also proved to affect moods. And when with a baby, you can’t let that happen at all. This is a must in the diet during 7-9 months after delivery.


Foods to Avoid in Diet During 7-9 Months After Delivery:

  • Avoid artificial sugar-containing foods like canned food and beverages.
  • Avoid high doses of caffeine.
  • The use of alcohol should be stopped.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Spicy food should be avoided, though if taken in moderate quantities for not makes much difference.


That was all about diet during 7-9 months after delivery. The foods that have been shared that you can add as a part of your daily diet can be prepared according to your preferences or taste. The idea behind is to let you know that what all foods can help you retain energy to enjoy and cherish your motherhood and side by side how you can make sure your body is getting all the major nutrients and minerals required for the proper functioning of your body. Ignorance towards your health at this stage leads to many problems.

While you are bust balancing your household chores, work-life, and your little bundle of joy, your body ends up demanding more than it has ever done. Listen to your body and pamper yourself. Good food acts as a medicine and taking care of your body, a place where you have to live forever, holds the utmost importance.

Happy Motherhood to all the beautiful mothers!


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