All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy’-an ancient and famous saying but probably holds more relevance in today’s fast-moving world. When we are taking care of every aspect for our kids, we tend to neglect, which is indeed the most important of all is their physical health. Reduced physical activities of kids have been proved to be an unhealthy habit. Lack of time and ideas for games will no longer be an excuse now because we will cover the best indoor games for kids, which are suitable for all age groups (younger kids might require support from the parents).

Best Indoor Games for Kids

1. Balancing Beam:

Kids love to be a part of something adventurous for them, and this game of balance not only gives them the excitement they need but simultaneously it helps to improve the motor skills in them too. Managing this game at home is as easy as it could get.

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Things Required:

  • 2 different colored tapes or two wooden planks.

How to Play:

Paste the tapes on the floor at a length of 4 to 5 metres. If using wooden planks, place them on deck at least 2 metres from each other. The difficulty in setting up the rules depend upon the age of the kid. For younger kids, asking them to walk barefoot without deviating from the straight line made with the tape or plank will be okay. For elder kids, walking with one leg or even walking with a blindfold on the eyes will make the game enjoyable. In both cases, be it younger or elder kids, parents’ supervision should be there.

2. In and Out Hangman:

Learning a fun way has always encouraged kids more than regular studies. This indoor game provides a similar platform for parents to engage the kids and make them learn at the same time. This is one of the best indoor games for kids.


Things Required:

  • Blackboard
  • Chalk or a marker
  • Set of questions with hints and answers.

How to Play:

With the ready set of questions, start asking the items one by one. As a hint draws small blanks, which refers to the number of letters in the answer. Ask the child to guess the letters in the word one by one. With each correct letter in the name, alternatively, the child has to answer a character that is not present in the word. The child is given seven attempts for wrong guesses, which co-relates to the number of steps required to draw a figure of a hangman on the blackboard.

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3. Sock Toss:

For hyperactive kids, indoor games need to be more of jumping and hoping. Sock the toss fits into this criteria appropriately. A mini basketball court inside the home! The thought of it will make most of the kids super excited already.


Things Required:

  • Socks
  • Buckets
  • Ample space to play

How to Play:

Roll up your old socks to make small balls out of them. Place a bucket at a distance of 4 to 5 steps from the child. The socks make up the basketball, and the bucket makes the ring. Ask the child to throw the ball in the bucket. To make it more interesting, you can increase the distance of bucket from the child or replace it with a narrower opening vessel.


4. Treasure Hunt:

A game that has been played since time immemorial, but the charm still stays as it is. The treasure hunt is a game enjoyed by people of all age groups. Making everyone participate in the game makes it even more interesting for the kids.


Things Required:

  • Small goodies or kid’s favorite chocolates
  • Set of hints for the kid to search

How to Play:

Hide the goodies or candies in the kitchen area or bed boxes or any other place in the house that will not be so easy for the child to locate. With the ready hints, you can guide the child about the possible areas where the treats are. The moment they find the goodies becomes the best moment for them. Apart from engaging them in something that is contributing to their physical fitness, you also make them learn tricks of active listening and concentration.

5. Freeze:

A complete family game that makes sure the kids enjoy the family dance, make themselves physically and side by side master the art of attention. What else a parent needs if they happen to give so much to the kids with fun-filled activity. This game is one of the most loved indoor games for kids.


Things Required:

  • Music
  • Space to play

How to Play:

Play the music and let all the family members dance. The one operating the music system turns off the music randomly, and all the participants have to maintain the same position as when the music was stopped. The longer the person stays in the same manner, the more are his chances to win the game. The last person left who manages to maintain the same position throughout wins the game.

6. Indoor Bowling

You can make a bowling alley in your house. Indoor bowling also helps with hand-eye coordination in children.

Things Required:

  • Flat floor to play
  • Ten empty soda cans
  • Ball
  • Tape
  • Marker

How to Play:

By using the tape, create a bowling lane, Peel off the wrappers of the cans and then arrange the bottles at the end of the lane. Ask your child to strike this arrangement using the ball.

7. Follow the leader

If there are a number of kids at your home then this is a great fun activity for kids to do.

Things Required:

  • Space to play

How to Play:

You need to select different themes for the game which could be physical activity, gestures, or expressions. You can become the leader or you can give each child a chance to be the leader. All the players will mimic what the leader does, jumping, dancing, laughing, etc.

8. Puzzles

Puzzles are one the most useful games that you give to your children as it helps in both aspects it is engaging as well as educational.

Things Required:

  • Varieties of picture
  • Word puzzles

How to Play:

Give instructions to your child that he needs to set the pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture in case of a picture puzzle you can also try some 3D puzzles toys

Indoor Games For Adults

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the most popular indoor games among adults. By playing this board game you get good exposure to real estate trading. An adult can play this game for hours without ever getting bored. 

Things Required:

  • A monopoly board game is easily available in any game shop

How to Play:

The player is required to roll the dice and the rest depend on your luck

2. Carrom Board

Carrom board is a battle between players who compete with each other and whosoever collects more black and white elements wins the game. The black element has 10 points white element has 20 points and there is one queen of red colour which has 50 points of its own but for gaining that you have to get one element with it.

Things Required:

  • Carrom board
  • Elements
  • Striker

How to Play:

You have to use a striker to hit the elements and gain more points

3. Ludo

Ludo is one of the most popular and famous games among adults. Everyone must have played this game at least once in their lifetime. It can be played by two to four-player.

Things Required:

  • Ludo board
  • Tokens
  • Dice

How to Play:

Ludo is like a race whosoever finishes this race by taking their tokens to the center wins the race.

4. Chess

Chess is among one of those indoor games which are not played on the basis of luck but are played with your intelligence

Things Required:

  • Chessboard
  • 64 stakes
  • Two regiments of 16 combatants each

How to Play:

You just have to aim for the throne and try not to fall out of moves. With great tactics, you can defeat your opponent.

So, these were the best indoor games for kids. You can also play minor games with your kids. Kids cherish the small happiness around, and these easy-to-play games will surely bring a smile to their faces. And as they say, ‘KIDS MAKE HAPPIER HOMES!’


1. What exactly are indoor games?

Indoor games for kids and other sports activities are a collection of organised games or less physically challenging tasks that are often played at home, in a well-ventilated building, or at a facility designed specifically for sports like a gymnasium, clubhouse in societies, amphitheatre, or covered stadium. They are usually played when children cannot go outside a closed environment to play. This can occur during the summer season when it is too hot or during pandemics like Covid-19. The games that are included in the indoor game for kids segment differ from outdoor games mainly due to restrictions of the venue.

2. Why are indoor games crucial for children?

Since all these indoor sports require a variety of bodily motions, they help your kids develop their physical health. Additionally, playing indoor sports like squash consistently aids in the development of fast-twitch muscles, which then in turn enhances your child’s instincts and reflexes. Playing outside of the house always is risky. The fear of your children getting hurt by a car or truck or falling is always there. However, on the other side, you can sometimes be confident that when your children are having fun indoors, there won’t be any automobiles that can run them over.

3. Is Treasure Hunt the best game to play indoors?

Treasure hunt is one of the most famous indoor games. It is considered to be best indoor games for kids because it is a challenging and thrilling game that encourages children to use their minds and solve the clues. Prizes, achievements, and medals give kids a sense of accomplishment, which increases their morale. They have more confidence to take on challenges as a result of solving secrets and crossword riddles. Kids are forced to think critically and creatively to solve puzzles during treasure hunts.

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