Those like me, who have spent their childhood in the not so digital age, we know that playing with our friends was the much-awaited time of the entire day. Not only did we learn the spirit of playing fun games for kids as a team, but the bond we had with our friends is still alive. In today’s fast-moving world, encouraging the kids to go outside and play would make sure they live a physically active lifestyle and continue to relieve the stress from the pressure of studies. To make your job easier, we bring you the best simple outdoor games for kids.

Out in the Sunshine, here we go,

Fun and laughter from head to toe.


Benefits Of Playing

Playing outdoor games can be very beneficial to children and stimulate various mental and spiritual habits and hone developmental skills. Here are some benefits of playing outdoor games:

  • Playing outdoor games gives children some much needed exercise and improves their health considerably in their growing age. Their constant energy gets a proper release in the form of outside games for children, helping to prevent obesity and promotes bone and muscle development.
  • Team outdoor activity games also develop their social skills and help them interact with kids their own age in a positive way. It helps them make new friends and talk comfortably to new people.

Playing active outdoor games for kids helps them become more independent and learn on their own about their boundaries, risks and challenges. It also builds sportsmanship that helps them in their future.

Best Outdoor Games for Kids

1. Hide and Seek:


Number of Players Required:

Minimum 2 to 4

Things Needed:

  • None

The excitement to hide and to be found is something that has been making the game a hit among the kids from ages. The basic idea behind the game is that one of the players closes his eyes and waits for the other players to hide. Generally, the area is preset where the other players are allowed to disappear. And then, he starts looking for the other players. Once, all the players have been searched by him, it’s the turn of another player to close the eyes and continue the game in the same fashion.

2. Hopscotch:


Number of Players Required:

Minimum 2

Things Needed:

  • Chalk to make the hopscotch grid
  • Stone

The foremost step before starting the game is to make a hopscotch grid consisting of squares from number 1 to number 9. Make sure that the time you picked is good enough to toss. You start the game by throwing the stone on square number one. Hop on the rock and then hop with either a single foot or both feet till square number nine. Follow the pattern on the grid. After reaching the last square, turn around and take a haunt once you reach square 3. Balance yourself on a single foot, pick up the stone lying in square 1, hop over square 1 so that you come out of the grid. Continue the same procedure with the rest of the squares. Also, be cautious about not missing the square or tossing the rock on the incorrect square. This will make you leave the game. It is one of the best outdoor games for preschoolers

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3. Chinese Jump Rope


Number of Players Needed:

Minimum 3

Things Required:

  • A stretchable rope

Two players get inside the rope to stretch it, making it sure that they stand far apart from each other to provide enough space for the third player to jump. The player who is ready to jump faces one of the players holding the rope and follows a pattern of left, right, inside, and outside habits of jumping. Though you are free to make a pattern of your choice, all the players should follow the same pattern as decided. The jumper has to finish the exemplar with the ropes at the ankles of the players on the sides. Once this is completed, the string is moved upwards to calves, and the player has to follow the same pattern. The rope is shifted upwards till the jumper fails to jump. It is one of the best simple outdoor games for kids.

4. Blind Man’s Bluff:


Number of Players Needed:

3-4 players at least

Things Required:

  • A blindfold

Ever so adventurous and exciting game, which is enjoyed by not only kids of all age groups but the adults too. One of the players is made to wear a blindfold, and he is the one who has to tag where the rest of the players. This is usually played in the balcony or garden area and should be performed under the surveillance of an adult if it’s the group of younger kids who are playing.

So, these were the best outdoor games for kids. You can also play minor games with your kids. The bright light, friends and refreshing air have been known to be the best therapeutic factors in the overall development of a child. So, let’s make sure that we encourage our kids to have an enjoyable evening each day with these easy-to-play and fulfilling outdoor games.

5. Red Light, Green Light

Number of players needed:

A small group

Things Required:


This game can easily be played indoors or outdoors if there is enough space. One person is the traffic light and stands at one end of the space, while all the others assemble at the other end. The traffic light says, “Red light!” and everyone must stop when they say so. When the traffic light turns back and announces, “Green light!”, the group should make its way as close as they can to the traffic light. If someone is seen moving when the traffic light suddenly announces “Red Light”, they must return to the starting point. The winner and next traffic light are determined by who tags the light first. It is one of the fun games for kids that everyone can enjoy.

FAQs on Kid’s Outdoor Games:

  1. What are some kids games to play outside?

Some of the best outdoor games for children include hide and seek, tag, kick the can, hopscotch, red light, green light and more.

  1. Why outdoor games for kids?

Active outdoor games for kids help build their social and reasoning skills and help them meet new friends and become independent.

  1. Why outdoor games are fun?

These outdoor activity games ensure kids are comfortable and in the spirit of winning. They are fun because kids get a chance to express their creative skills and come up with strategies to win. They can also deal with losing in a healthy way.

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