Hip pain is common in children and teenagers and has a range of causes. So don’t ignore these hip pain symptoms in children. The clinical challenge in pediatric hip pain differentiates urgent conditions such as infection of the hip-joint from the more common annoyed hip.

Transient synovitis is of the most common causes of hip pain in children over 3 years of age, but it has similar symptoms to septic arthritis. Children with hip pain may represent with pain, refusal to bear weight and decreased the movement of the lower extremity. This article offers a guide to assessment, an overview of common causes and the examination of the hip pain. Some common causes of hip pain are mentioned below. Don’t ignore these hip pain symptoms in children:

  • Infectious –

    Infectious pain is commonly acute, localized and refuse to bear weight; it is generally accompanied by fever, exalted white blood cell count.

  • Inflammatory –

    This pain is usually in chronic; may be accompanied by others like nail pits, rash, involves joints other than the hip and refusal to bear the weight is uncommon.

  • Orthopedic –

    Pain is generally localized to the hip, but may be referred to the thigh or keen. Pain increases with the activities and decreases with the rest.

These are some important points which help you examine the hip pain in children.

  • Examine the walk. Evaluation of walk and maneuvers such as squatting and single leg hopping may be helpful.
  • Careful examination of the hip is necessary.
  • Inspect for leg length variation, swelling, redness. Swelling of the hip is rarely visible, as the joint is so deep into the soft tissues.
  • Check the range of motions. Active and passive moments by comparison to the other side.

Treatment for hip problem is depends upon the location and type of the problem as well as the child’s age, health and general activity level. Treatment may include first aid like application of a brace card, harness, Physical therapy, medicines and surgery.

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Don’t ignore these hip pain symptoms in children

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