Yes, Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health. Research shows that some students regularly receive an excessive amount of homework, this may cause a negative health effect or stress on a kid’s life.

From Kindergarten to the final years of high school, research shows that most of the students are getting a higher amount of homework. In turn, when they are pushed to handle a workload, it can lead to significant stress for parents and children and it effects at the development level of the children.

Growing kids are faced with a lot of agitate –

Homework, peer pressure and competition. School homework is one of the major facts that effects on kid’s mental and heath fitness. At the beginning of homework burden may make sense according to parents, but there could be a problem if it goes overboard. Too much homework can cause on the mental and physical growth of kid.

At the classroom level, setting homework, teachers need to communicate with their peers to assure that the homework assigned overall for a grade is not burdensome, and that it is indeed having a positive effect. Too much homework may also effects on the performance or test scores of your child.

If teachers are careful in selecting their assignments, then homework can be tailored in ways that improve the chance of maximum positive impact on any student.

I strongly suspect that when teachers face some conditions in which they are not able to come to school or not able to complete the given allotted syllabus or lack of planning time, then homework becomes an easy option to make up what could not be covered in class.

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Too Much Homework Bad for Kids’ Health


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