Every year the school organises a fancy dress competition for children. It is the best way to encourage children to dress up as their favourites and learn about new things/personalities. Fancy dress competition for girls is a brilliant way to blend learning with fun and develop confidence among students by allowing them to speak about their favourite personalities on stage and in front of a vast audience. As soon as the school announces fancy dress for girls, almost every other parent starts to think of unique and creative ways of fancy dress ideas for girls to dress up their child for fancy dress and prepare them in fancy dress ideas, competition ideas and dialogues. In the girl’s fancy dress ideas for girl child competition, the rules stipulate that the girls must wear fancy dress, and must have their fancy dress judged to be the best. The main challenge over here is to think about the best girl’s fancy dress costume ideas that will surely make them win the award. The kids are judged on how well they dress up and how unique their ideas for fancy dress competitions for girls are. If you are looking for the perfect child fancy dress costume competition ideas check out the list of fancy dress ideas for girls.

Top 15 Ladies Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls:

The following list contains some of the famous ideas for girl’s fashion clothes that are surely going to win the hearts of the audience and judges

1. Princess Of Jungle

This fancy dress theme is not only unique but also is super creative. Dress up your child as Princess of Jungle and communicate the strong message to save nature and plant more trees. It is a great fancy kid costume idea for girls.

Requirements: Creating Princess of Jungle fancy dress is super simple. All you need is to dress up your child is black skirts with tights and dark green T-shirts. Create a long garland using green leaves and wrap around the waist. Keep the hair open and place a tiara made with flowers and leaves. Make a garland of flowers for the neck.

Dialogue: ” I am Princess of Jungle”, I safeguard the jungle, do not cut trees”.

2. Barbie Doll

Common !!! Do you even need a reason to dress up your daughter as a Barbie Doll? Every girl wants to be a Barbie Doll in real life; give your little one the opportunity and dress up as a cute Barbie Doll. Its is one of the best fancy dress costumes for girls

Requirements: You can buy Barbie Doll’s dress or a fancy top for a kid girl online and make sure you have combed and pleated the hair similar to Barbie Doll. To match the look, you can buy a golden wig and pair blue tights and pink shoes. Your small girl’s fancy dress is ready to win hearts.

Dialogue: “I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world”

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 3. Punjabi Kudi

Hands down, this is one of the cutest fancy dress ideas for girls. Punjabi girls have a unique dressing style, and the biggest highlight is their parranda and bright colour salwar suit.

Requirements: Make your daughter wear a colourful Patiala salwar suit with a vibrant dupatta. Comb the hair in a lengthy pigtail and attach the parranda at the end. Don’t forget beautiful bright coloured bangles for both the hand, big earrings, and a bright coloured small bindi.

Dialogue for fancy dress competition for Punjabi girl: “Hay!!! main mar java gur khake”

Dialogue for fancy dress competition for punjabi boy: “Mein punjabi munda haan!”

4. Fairy

This is another adorable fancy dress costume for your little girl. Every girl child will be more than happy to don the outfit of a fairy, and the outfit can be easily arranged.

Requirement: Make sure your daughter wears a mild pink or white color frock, give a wand with a star on top, and create the wings using cardboard. You can also buy ready-made wings and a tiara.

Dialogues: “Hey friends, I am Fairy and I grant all your wishes”.


5. Radha

Dressing up as Radha at home is doable and is one of the girls’ best fancy dress ideas. You can get the outfit and accessories at almost all the kid’s stores.

Requirements: Dress up your daughter in lehenga choli, including accessories like bindi, bangles and flower garlands, lipsticks. Club, the entire look along with an earthen pot (Matka), and you are ready with the Radha fancy dress competition look.

Dialogue: “I am Radha Rani, Krishna’s best friend.”

6. Mira

Mira bai was Lord Krishna’s favourite devotee. So her in fancy girl dresses depicting Meera and ask her to recite a beautiful Krishna bhajan.

Requirements: Dress up your girl child in plain white saree and ask her to wear rudraksha beads garland around the neck and hands. Smear the forehead with big white bindi and use natural flowers to create earrings. A toy sitar can be used to complete the look.

Dialogue: “Main hoon Meera Bai, Bhagwan Shree Krishna ki param bhakta.”

7. Chutki

Chutki is the best friend of Bheem and one of the popular characters among kids. It is very easy to recreate Chutki’s look and it is also one of the best fancy dress ideas for girls.

Requirements: Dress up your girl in plain purple lehenga choli without a dupatta. For hair, make 2 pigtails and tie them with a red ribbon.  Put a big red-colored round shape bindi and apply pink lipstick on cheeks and lips. Don’t miss to pair the outfit with a plain bangle and a pretty smile.

Dialogues: “Hello Dosto, Main hoon Chutki, Bheem ki pakki dost”.

So, what are you waiting for ?? Pick any of these above-mentioned Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls and dress up your little one. Explore the creative side beyond boundaries and see your child jump with joy once she is dressed up. Fancy dress competition is a brilliant way to make your child a good orator and it also boosts confidence in children during the growing years.

8. Rani Laxmi Bai

Rani Laxmi Bai is one of the best fancy dress competition ideas for girls. To make your daughter look like a strong queen is what every parent wants, and Rani Laxmi Bai is the best option or, say, best fancy dress for girls.

Requirements: There are ready to wear costumes available for the Rani Laxmi Bai look, but if not, you can use any Marathi saree for your girl with some accessories, and the final touch of a sword and a shield will make your little one look like the star of fancy dress. 

Dialogue – “ I shall not surrender my Jhansi.” 

9. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is a great outfit if your child is participating in a fancy dress competition for girls. All children must have read of her in their textbooks. You won’t even have to spend extra time and money on the accessories. She wore a simple white saree with blue stripes on the border and a headscarf in the same design. 

This is one of the easiest and most impactful fancy dress competitions for ladies as well! Inspire everyone with your do-it-yourself Mother Teresa look. 

10. Unicorn theme

If your child wants to be something colourful and pretty in this fancy dress competition then a unicron theme would be perfect! They’re beautiful myriads of colour with glitter on them, it’s going to make your child popular in class! 

Try to get a vibrant-coloured dress with some sequins on the edge. It would be best if the dress had some long flares so that it could make the skirt look puffed-up and your child feel like a princess. 

If you can, try to get a headband with a unicorn horn on it. This will be the perfect addition to the entire look. The best part about this idea is that your child can wear this dress irrespective of the occasion. She can wear them for casual birthday parties or anniversaries too. 

11. Butterfly theme

Children are fascinated by butterflies and this makes a great dress idea for a fancy dress competition for girl child. This fancy dress costume is effective and easy to make at home. All you need to do is take black leggings, a puffy colourful dress, and a pair of wings. You don’t have to buy anything- this fancy girl dress is like a best-out-of-waste project for you and your child the sunday before the event! You can make the wings by cutting out a chart paper and decorating it according to the colour of your dress. Add a tiara to top off the look and make your girl feel beautiful!

12. Mermaid Theme

A mermaid theme is one of the best girls fancy dresses online for girl child in India. Little girls are especially obsessed with these mythical creatures! Many cartoon shows have these creatures- even Barbie.

You want to make this kids costume free flowing and long with the bottom part resembling a mermaid tale. You can buy a dress that is of this design inherently; you will find many pretty options that can be worn as gowns in formal events. Add some fins to make it more realistic!

Apply some glitter and make up on your little girl and make her wear some delicate jewellery and she’ll look exactly like a mermaid!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick any of these above-mentioned Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls and dress up your little one. Explore the creative side beyond boundaries and see your child jump with joy once dressed up. You can always play with themes like save girl child fancy dress, save the environment, etc. Picking up a theme and letting your angel communicate the message also helps you spread awareness about the issue and allows your child to have a better understanding of the same. Also, check out the beautiful star fancy dress that is unique and beautiful. A fancy dress competition is a brilliant way to make your child a good orator, and it also boosts confidence in children during their growing years. Some of the unique small girl fancy dress ideas are save girl child fancy dress, and also you can check other inspiring women around. You can also check out fancy dress competition ideas and if you are looking for a perfect venue to hold a fancy dress competition for your kid and their friends then check out our blog on children park near me that will guide you through the best place.

13. Army Costume theme 

We are all inspired by the men and women who serve in the armed forces. We can only live in relative peace because of their unwavering efforts. There are many ways to serve our country in the military forces, despite how popular it is for movies to depict troops as tough cookies with the perfect one-liner to go with their cool exterior. You can honour the soldiers who defend this nation by donning one of our military outfits, and if you so want, you can play up the tough soldier stereotype and bravely face danger.  Army theme costume is one of the best fancy dress ideas for boys as well as girls. By getting ready in the Army costume we can also devote our respect to them and our kids will look up to them growing up! 


For all future generations to admire, the late former president of India made his mark as a youth icon and a national hero. His part is challenging to play because of the scientist’s strong personality and manner of speaking. All you need to reproduce his clothing is a straightforward man suit and tie; a white wig would be a great finishing touch. Looking forward to APJ ABDUL KALAM and teaching his lessons and learning to the kids is a matter of pride and a great idea to show him respect for what he has done for our nation! 

15. Christmas Costume 

Dressing up in a Christmas costume is like going inside a movie for the kids, and Dressing as Santa Claus is the best kids fancy dress theme for a Christmas party. During the holiday season, the fabled character who distributes gifts to youngsters is highly well-liked by the children.

16. Fruit Costume 

How about dressing your little girl in an outstanding red fancy dress featuring a strawberry fruit theme, she will seem even cuter. This is a really brilliant idea for making sure your kid stands out at the school fancy dress competition. Not just strawberry you can dress her in different fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, etc. With this attire, your baby will undoubtedly be the star of the show.

17. Clown Costume 

Dressing up your girl in a cute clown dress, you may give your youngster an imaginative, colourful, and cheerful appearance. Do not forget to make her learn some funny jokes! She will definitely be the shop-stopper for the day.

18. Superwoman Costume 

Girls’ fancy dress outfits featuring superwomen are quite cute. She-Hulk, Ms Marvel, etc are one of the most well-liked superheroes among children, and girls adore to dress up as them. It is a fantastic idea to dress your youngster in the vibrant designer superwoman’s girls’ fancy dress costume for the school fancy dress competition. 

With so many fantastic options, like superwoman costumes for school-related yearly events and fruit costumes for fancy dress contests, theme parties, stage productions and birthdays, you can always step up your creativity by giving your child a wholly original look on occasions like these. You may get these fancy dress costumes for juniors to dress them up to perfection for any occasion, such as a story-telling contest, book week, stage performance or Halloween dress-up.

FAQs on Fancy Girl Dresses

1. What is the point of a fancy dress competition?

Every year almost every school organises fancy dress competitions for girls and boys of young age. Apart from the fun part of that fancy dress competition, it also helps the children to grow in different ways,  specially fancy dress competition for girls is more exciting as they get to think in creative ways and walking and saying a few points in front of the audience boosts their confidence as well. 

2. What is the most well-known fancy dress for girls?

In fancy dress competition for girls the most well known fancy dress competition for girl child are that they like to dress up in different characters that they have heard in stories, folk tales like: Radha, Princess, Barbie dolls, and lot more. All these characters and roles that they play helps them to learn about various characters for Indian history, the concept of dressing like a doll and a Mermaid gives them the confidence of how beautiful and magical they are . 

3. How do you make a Barbie Doll costume?

Every girl wants to be a Barbie doll in real life too. It’s easy to make a barbie doll costume all you need to do is buy a nice frock that has net as a material and of course it should be of pink colour, next you need some cute accessories to pair it with the doll costume and the next and last thing you need are a beautiful pair of sandals that will make you feel like a barbie doll.

4. What is the most famous costume?

Fancy dress competition for girls is the most interesting and happening as girls love to dress up and look all fancy and beautiful, here are a few fancy dress ideas that might help you to decide the best costume fancy dress ideas for girl child like the princess of the jungle, barbie doll, Punjabi, fairy, Radha, Mira, Chutki, Rani Laxmi Bai, Mother Teressa, unicorn theme, butterfly theme mermaid theme can be used fancy dress competition ideas for the girl child.  

5. How do you prepare for fancy dress?

Let’s break the whole process into steps: 

  1. Start by boosting your child’s morale
  2. Make them learn dialogues
  3. Find a good costume
  4. Think of a makeup you are going to do
  5. Arrange for props and accessories 
  6. Think creatively
  7. Do rehearsals
  8. Lastly, keep faith in your child
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