Every year school organizes fancy dress completion for children, it is the best way to encourage children to dress up as their favorites and learn about new things/personalities. Fancy dress competition is a brilliant way to blend learning with fun and also develop confidence among students by allowing them to speak about their favorite personality on stage and In-front of huge audience. As soon as school announces about fancy dress competition almost every other parent starts to think unique and creative ways to dress up their child for the fancy dress. Here is the list of 7 best fancy dress ideas for girls.

Top 7 Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls:

1. Princess of Jungle

This fancy dress theme is not only unique but also is super creative. Dress up your child as Princess of Jungle and communicate the strong message to save nature and plant more trees.

Requirements: Creating Princess of Jungle fancy dress is super simple. All you need is to dress up your child is black skirts with tights and dark green T-shirts. Create a long garland using green leaves and wrap around the waist. Keep the hair open and place a tiara made with flowers and leaves. Make a garland of flowers for the neck.

Dialogue: ” I am Princess of Jungle”, I safeguard the jungle, do not cut trees”.

2. Barbie Doll

Common !!! do you even need a reason to dress up your daughter as a Barbie Doll? Every girl wants to be a Barbie Doll in real life as well, give your little one the opportunity and dress up as a cute Barbie Doll.

Requirements: You can buy Barbie Doll’s dress online and make sure you have combed and pleated the hair similar to Barbie Doll. To match the look, you can buy a golden color wig and pair blue color tights and pink shoes.

Dialogue: “I’m a Barbie girl in the Barbie world”

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 3. Punjabi Kudi

Hands down, this is one of the cutest fancy dress ideas for girls. Punjabi girls have a unique dressing style and the biggest highlight is their parranda and bright color salwar suit.

Requirements: Make your daughter wear a colorful Patiala salwar suit with vibrant shade dupatta. Comb the hair as long pigtail and attach the parranda at the end. Don’t forget beautiful bright colored bangles for both the hand and big earrings and bright colored small bindi.

Dialogue: Hay!!! main mar java gud khake”

4. Fairy

This is another adorable way to dress up your little girl for fancy dress.  Every girl child will be more than happy to don the outfit of fairy and the outfit can be easily arranged.

Requirement: Make sure your daughter wears a mild pink or white color frock, give a wand with a star on top, and create the wings using cardboard. You can also buy ready-made wings and tiara.

Dialogues: “Hey friends, I am Fairy and I grant all your wishes”.


5. Radha

Dressing up as Radha at home is doable and is one of the best fancy dress ideas for girls. You can get the outfit and all the accessories at almost all the kid’s store.

Requirements: Dress up your daughter in lehenga choli, include accessories like bindi, bangles and flower garlands, lipsticks. Club the entire look along with earthen pot (Matka).

Dialogue: “I am Radha Rani, Krishna’s best friend”

6. Mira

Mira bai was Lord Krishna’s favorite devotee. Dress up your girl as Meera and ask her to recite a beautiful Krishna bhajan.

Requirements: Dress up your girl child in plain white saree and ask her to wear rudraksha beads garland around the neck and hands. Smear the forehead with big white bindi and use natural flowers to create earrings. A toy sitar can be used to complete the look.

Dialogue: “Mei hoon Meera Bai, bhagwaan shree Krishna ki param bhakta”

7. Chutki

Chutki is the best friend of Bheem and one of the popular characters among kids. It is very easy to recreate Chutki’s look and it is also one of the best fancy dress ideas for girls.

Requirements: Dress up your girl in plain purple color lehenga choli and without a dupatta. For hair, make 2 pigtails and tie it with red ribbon.  Put big red-colored round shape bindi and apply pink lipstick on cheeks and lips. Don’t miss to pair the outfit with plain bangle and a pretty smile.

Dialogues: “Hello Dosto, Main hoon Chutki, Bheem ki pakki dost”.

So, what are you waiting for ?? Pick any of these above-mentioned Fancy Dress Ideas For Girls and dress up your little one. Explore the creative side beyond boundaries and see your child jump with joy once she is dressed up. Fancy dress competition is a brilliant way to make your child a good orator and it also boosts confidence in children during the growing years.

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