Every time children on the occasion of fancy dress at school, parties, get together enjoy dress up in their favourite fantasy character. Fancy dress event and competition is a fun-filled moment for every child. A preschooler feels super happy to be part of this fancy dress event because they can relate to the character and enjoy presenting it to their friends and elders at school and at home. Here is the list of top 10 fancy dress ideas for preschoolers.

Top 15 Fancy Dress Ideas For Preschoolers

1. Baahubali

Baahubali was one of the epic movies made in India cinema’s history and many kids are fond of the lead character “Mahendra Baahubali”. Why not dress up your child as the royal price for fancy dress competition.

Requirement: Dress up your child as a warrior prince, handover a sword and shield. Cover the heart with a helmet and create a handcuff using rubber bands.

Dialogues: ” I am Mahendra Baahubahi and I will save my kingdom”.

2. Supergirl

Supergirl is one of the most loved character comic characters by DC comics. Dress up your cute preschooler girl as a super girl and rock the fancy dress competition with this unique concept.

Requirement: You can get a super girl costume online for a reasonable price.

Dialogue: “Heard you’re the ultimate sidekick”


3. Elsa

The beautiful Disney Princess Elsa is loved by all. It is one of the most appealing fancy dress ideas for preschoolers. She has the power to transform anyone into ice. Creating the look of Elsa is super easy.

Requirement: Dress up your child in a big sky blue flown gown. Pair it up with shimmery blue shoes and blue coloured gloves. Create a long braid and complete the look.

Dialogue: “I don’t care what they’re going to say. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway.”

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4. Tomato

Dress up your kids as tomato, the versatile vegetable which is loaded with antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and folate.

Requirements: Creating the look as a tomato is super easy. Dress up your child in a dark green shirt and tights. Cut out a big circle on cardboard and paste red paper on it. On the headwear, a green colour hat and paste 2 leaves made using cardboard.

Dialogue: “I am Mr. Tomato, kids like me as tomato ketchup”.

5. Sunflower

This is one of the cutest options to dress up preschoolers for a fancy dress competition. Little kids with sunflower consumers look adorable on stage.

Requirement: You can get the costume of sunflower on rent easily.

Dialogue: “Hey friends, I am a sunflower, my seeds are edible and health for your body”.


6. Kung Fu Panda

There is hardly a kid who does not know Kung Fu Panda and is not fond of this adorable character. Dress up your preschooler as Kung Fu Panda and win the best parent award for coming up with a unique yet cute idea.

Requirement: It is difficult to design a dress of Kung Fu Panda character at home, you can opt for the outfit on rent or buy it.

Dialogue: “There is no secret ingredient, it’s just you.”

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7. Honey Bee

Transform your son into honey bee insect for the fancy dress competition. The yellow and black combination will make your cute kid much cuter.

Requirements: The costume of honey bee insect is available online easily and also you can find this costume for rent.

Dialogue: “I am honey bee and I provide you sweet and delicious honey”


8. Santa Claus

This is the ultimate fancy dress costume idea if your child is participating in a competition near the Christmas celebration. Santa is loved by kids and when your child is dressed up as Santa Claus, the audience will welcome with great enthusiasm.

Requirement: Costume of Santa Claus is available for rent; you can prepare one by yourself using red and white velvet fabric dress. Place the Santa hat and handover a white velvety sack to complete the look.

Dialogue: “Hey .. I am Santa, I fulfil all your wishes. Merry Christmas”

9. Krrish

Our very own Indian superhero Krrish is a loved and most liked character by both kids as well as adults. Dressing up as Krrish is easy, it is one of the best fancy dress ideas for preschoolers.

Requirements: The costume of Krrish is available online, Finish the look with Krrish signature mask.

Dialogue: “Burai mein taqat jitni bhi ho … uska antim sanskar achchai hi karti hai”


10. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is the most adorable and innocent cartoon character. It is also the perfect fancy dress theme for preschoolers. Peppa Pig character is famous for soft speaking tone and endless tea parties.

Requirements: Dress up your cute preschooler in a pink jumpsuit and highlight the nose with pink lipstick. You can also ask your child to wear a pink mask.

Dialogue: “I am Peppa, let’s play in a muddy puddle”

11. Spiderman

When it comes to choosing for the boys then Spider man is the most popular character. He was meant to help the needy in hard situations.

Requirements: You don’t have to worry about the dress as you can easily buy the spiderman dress online from any store. 

Dialogue : “ With great power comes great responsibilities.”

12. Cinderella 

Cinderella is also another popular fairy tale character you can go with. You can easily dress your little cute girl in a pretty blue or pink frock with glassy look sandals. You can also teach her a little dialogue or just a line from the story to make her appearance powerful on the stage.

Requirements: All you need is a pink or blue frock, glassy look sandals, ribbons for tying hair.

Dialogue : “Oh my goodness! It’s midnight, I have to go!”

These were Top 12 Fancy Dress Ideas for Preschoolers. Hope you get an idea and dress your little one as per the theme.

13. Radha 

Every parent wants to dress their children traditionally and with style. Although we may reside anywhere in the world, Indian clothing and rituals captivate our hearts and allow us to experience those religious times through culture.

Requirements: Radha is dressed in stunning blue clothing and is embellished with a variety of pearls and flowers. “Radharani’s upper garment is red like a ruby, and it is the favourite of Lord Hari,” says Sri Krishna of Radha’s “Krishna-blue” sari and shawl, which are worn with a pink blouse.

Dialogue: Sukh ho toh bad jata hai.. dukh ho toh bat jata hai..

14. Chota Bheem

The show’s primary protagonist is Bheem. He is a superhumanly strong boy who is also adventurous, fun-loving, and moral. His favourite meal, laddoos, can be consumed to increase this strength. Chota bheem is the most loved and adored character by children and they love to dress up like that. 

Requirements: Chota bheem wears a very simple outfit he wears an orange dhoti, a gold pendant and a red tika on the forehead 

Dialogue: Everything is easy when you are crazy about it, and nothing is easy when you are lazy about it.

15. Traffic signal 

Traffic Signal is one of the most famous and loved fancy dresses by children. When you dress up your kid as a traffic signal in a fancy dress competition they also learn a lot about traffic signals and rules. 

Requirements: Shoebox can be coloured as traffic signal colours and it is the best and cheap way to make the costume. Dialogue: STOP for Red; WAIT for Yellow; GO for Green; Always follow traffic rules and have a safe journey!

Happy Parenting!

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