I look at my little fellow who is fast asleep now. Time flies. Once confused and naive young girl is now a self assured woman. I still remember those days when a pimple breakout was calamity. Exam days were “D day”. We had closets full of nothing to wear. For some of us world revolved around the one special person. For others world revolved around themselves. Rounds of golgappa, loads of gossip, bunked classes and teachers with funny pet names marked the phase of life called TWENTIES, which make me think about things I could have done differently. Things I wish I had known then. So I get out of my reverie and jot down a list of things I wish I had known and done. So, Words of advice to Young Ladies from a Not so Young Lady:

  1. Take care of your bones.

    Women are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis than men. Studies show that women of advanced age spend more time in hospital for bone fractures than any other health issues like diabetes and breast cancer. So dear ladies, please take care of yourself today so that you care of yourself in the future. Eat plenty of calcium rich food like dairy products and nuts. Include vitamin D in your diet. Take some time out to exercise daily. Try to stay physically active.

  2. Career first.

    Most women prioritise family over career. And almost all of them at some point of life regret that decision too. Life is so dynamic. Parents get old, friends get busy, siblings move away, spouse gets surrounded by responsibilities, children grow up. And people you are close to today, grow apart. The only person to walk with you your entire life is YOU. So before committing yourself to your family build yourself a career. Nurture your dreams.

  3. Build a strong network of friends.

    By network of friends I do not mean social network of virtual friends. Friends are people you are most comfortable with. People who share your taste and people who truly care. If you are lucky enough you may get a loving family and satisfying career but there will be moments in your life when you will need a friend. Invest in people you truly think can be friends for life.

  4. Heartbreaks are part of life and you will get over it.

    I exactly know how much it hurts. When I had my heart broken for the first time, I cried for days. I thought nothing mattered any more. Time passed. I slowly got over it and moved on. Then it happened again. But this time I am wiser. I know this is part of life and cannot kill me. So here is what I learned. Some relationships work out and some do not. The ones which does not, should never become an essential element to brood over all our life. Finding fault in others or yourself doesn’t help. The sooner we move on the better. We are far more stronger than we think we are. And ten years down the line, in all probability, this won’t matter.

Twenties is the most beautiful phase of life wherein most of our life changing events happen like finding our career path, settling down with “the one”. It is also the phase which allows us maximally to spread our wings, experiment, experience and enjoy. So live, laugh and love. But live for yourself, laugh on yourself too and love yourself first. So these are Words of advice to Young Ladies from a Not so Young Lady…!!

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