A house is made of stone, bricks, and metals. Then who incarnates it with life and personifies as HOME? Mom…..The articulation of the word connects and strengthens all gapes, evanesces everything with the milk of kindness, nurture, love, care, nagging, discipline, empathy…………….. and then word fall short to explain HER.

Those days she is at home to welcome me seems nothing special! But the day I have to open the lock and get in the vacant house, the only things that traverse through the house is “Mom when you will be back”’ Maybe there is no one around to nag out the discipline of washing hand, changing dress and have food but berefting impulsion of Mom is always direing. Rightly said a home is no home without mom. Home and family is like an abandoned flower on the courtyard which only Mom picks up together to make a beautiful Garland out of it. Only she can festoon all into the aroma of love.

Mom’s banging impulsion on Food 

Some women who have never cook food or have no inclination for it suddenly turns to be an acclaimed cook just because her family loves tasty food. And she knows homemade food has no alternative for health.

Can you say what makes a day of the Mom? It is when she can make you have a little bit more food. And if Doctor says your baby is lacking nutrition then she marks it as her greatest failure. Right nutrition, right food, good and healthy diet is the first concern of a Mom. She extends herself to any limit to ensure the same. Not just family members, be it pet or trees in the garden she accomplishes all to make a perfect home. Just a day if she is out each element roars out saying “Mom when you will be back”. Even if we forget to be careful about her nutrition she never complains or rather expects. That forgiveness makes her MOM.

Her control on Study Table & Wardrobe

She rules your study table and wardrobe. No matter how well you arrange it she will make it her way. It is because she cares for your impression in front of the world. Being very possessive and focused on her family members she never wants you to lose any point on discipline and efficacy.

After all, Mom is the first mirror who compliments you when you are ready for an outing. Until Mom gives a Yes nod of approval on your gorgeous look it seems like “it’s not my day”.

During your illness

A Midas touch of Mom makes us feel like all illness is gone and I am most pampered. Be it medicine or wishes to Get Well Soon, until Mom gives her impulsive worried attention nothing works on the disease to leave out. When we are tired, worried and divested only her lap can give the fell of recovery. Her unlimited concern for the family makes a Home.

A home is No Home without shelter of Mother as Base, Pillar, and Roof!!

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Satarupa Mishra homemaker and mother of a lovely baby boy formerly worked as a researcher in the field of plant biochemistry. An author in making, Satarupa loves to write about her personal experiences as a mom and everyday struggles of women in India. Minimalist, travel enthusiast and book lover since childhood her nocturnal romance with writing is a recent pursuit.

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