Kid’s mind are like fine clay. It’s up to us how we mould them. So, always mould them in a desired manner. We have to be positive in our behaviour so as to bring a positive attitude kids. It’s our duty to incorporate the word “YES” in the minds of our kids. This attitude will help them to be positive in each phase of life during all the ups and downs. And this is called Positive Parenting. I will explain this with few examples.

Positive Parenting:

1. Suppose if your child does not eat well. Stop complaining for this. Instead use the words”baby you are so good, you always finish your meals yourself and never creates any problem for me”. Kids always have the attitude of attracting your attention by irritating you. Remember, the more you will express yourself as being irritated they will irritate you more. So, be positive with your kids. Be the positive parents. Do the positive parenting!

2. Suppose your kid is not learning to pee or poop and is intentionally doing it in pants immediately stop complaining for this. Instead present your child in front of other people as he is he or she is very good and always use toilet. Particularly in front of others say “baby you are so good, I know when you will need to use toilet, you will definitely tell me. You always do it in by toilet, you are such a good baby. Your kid will definitely be influenced by your positive attitude.

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3. Suppose your are kid irritates you for the homework work. Be cool. In fact tell his friends he is so good that he will first finish his homework and then he will go to play. He never leaves his homework undone. He is such a responsible child. This positivity will make him to complete his homework without any delay.

 Well I am sure these all points will definitely work. Please try the same with your kids.

Be the positive parents with positive kids having positive attitude towards life. But please don’t lose heart if you do not get the result immediately. Follow the positive conversation with your child till you get the desired results.

 Happy Parenting. In fact Happy Positive Parenting!


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