Since my childhood, I faced the issue of irregular periods. I underwent several medical tests and every time the results would be normal. One small change in my diet since recent days has helped me overcome this problem. This post discusses the medical benefits of eating dates or benefits of eating 3 dates a day.

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I started regularly having almost 6 dates every day in the morning. Now I am not much of a person who loves sweets so initially, it was a bit difficult for me to handle the taste but slowly and steadily I got used to the taste. Dates may be warm for some people’s bodies so it is suggested that you have a glass of milk along with it. What I used to generally do is avoid having dates on the days it was warm in order to avoid any reactions. A couple of times I also got heat boils but then just a couple of days I avoided them.

The other benefit of eating dates for skin is that it helps you in getting rid of the pimples and also brings a huge difference on your face. Regular eating of dates makes your skin soft, smooth and glowing.

How to eat Dates?

Dates can be eaten in dried or fresh form:

  • They can be stuffed with almonds or pecans etc.
  • Can be added into salads in chopped form
  • Can be added into a smoothie for eg-  adding it to banana smoothies
  • Can be made into energy balls by blending dates with coconut flakes, oats etc.

Here are the medical benefits of eating Dates:-

  1. Dates help in making your bones stronger, so they can save you from future osteoporosis;
  2. Dates also help you in improving your digestion;
  3. It is rich in iron and therefore helps you in overcoming your iron deficiency and thus solving your problem of low haemoglobin and regularizing your periods.
  4. It strengthens your nervous system.
  5. It helps in maintaining the elasticity of your skin and bringing back that glow on your face.
  6. Dates are high in antioxidants which provides benefits like reduces the risk of diseases like heart diseases or a certain type of  cancer
  7. Dates promote brain health by giving protection against oxidative stress or inflammation in the brain
  8. Dates are rich in potassium which helps in managing hypertension
  9. Dates are a great source for instant energy as they are nutritiously dense and provides natural sugar as well
  10. Dates can help in overcoming night blindness as they are rich in vitamin A
  11. Dates can help relieve constipation especially in babies. 
  12. Dates help in gaining weight be it in, babies kids or toddlers, teenagers, adults etc.

Risks and Considerations while eating Dates:

  • Dates have high sugar level so people with diabetes should be mindful while eating them
  • Though dates are highly nutritious, they are also high in calories which can lead to rapid weight gain

But anything eaten in moderation won’t do any harm to you.

While I am not a medical expert but having dates regularly has helped me battle my irregular Periods. Each one of our bodies is different and so are our requirements. You need not have 3-6 dates daily but one a day definitely won’t harm you.

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