A Gynaecologist is a special person in an expectant mother’s life. The reason being you simply need to be comfortable with your Gynaecologist as much as your family member. The skills of your Gynaecologist can make your pregnancy a smooth journey. This post describe few points that one should keep in mind to how to select the right Gynaecologist. 

In India, the moment you get married, the first question that everyone asks you is “When are you giving us the good news?” And unfortunately not “Are you happy with your marriage?” Just as we start looking for the best places to shop for clothes and jewellery, when you are an eligible spinster, all the women directly or indirectly hunt for their Gynaecologist (though many may not confess it). A trip to your Gynaecologist may not necessarily be to plan a child, as these days many couples visit them even before marriage to discuss about family planning.

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Here under are a few points that one should keep in mind to how to select the right Gynaecologist. 

How to select the right Gynaecologist: 

  1. Check with your friends, families and neighbors who have visited them and what is their experience with the said doctor;
  2. Visit the doctor prior and check if you are comfortable with the doctor, your personal comfort is what matters before other people’s opinion;
  3. Go for your routine monthly check up, if at any stage you feel that you are not comfortable with your doctor, then you can switch the same;
  4. Be open and frank with your doctor about your requirements, discomfort, choices, needs, wants etc., they are also busy professionals, they will give you a patient hearing but ensure that you do not take up their maximum time and then blame them, saying they do did not listen to you;
  5. Just because a hospital has expensive looking facilities does not mean that it is the best;
  6. Learn to trust your doctor first and then decide, distrust will harm you and your baby;
  7. Doctors will ask you to undergo certain medical test because they are mandatory as per the medical council directions, check with your friends, which are those mandatory test and if you feel that your doctor is unnecessarily asking you to undergo test, then speak to them.

Pregnancy is a journey and child birth is just a step. Let your Gynaecologist be your best friend and partner and help you make this journey smooth. 

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