One question that a woman is asked at every stage of life is Marriage or Career, Child or Career? I have never heard a man being asked the same question, whereas Marriage and Child Birth bring the same amount of change in the lives of both Men and Women. We generally see that girls score more than boys in 10th and 12thstd board exams but where do these fine minds vanish then? Motherhood is a thankless job, no matter how hard you work for others to make them happy, they will always find faults within you. Ideally, it should be the decision and choice of the couple whether the Mother should quit her job or not. But here under are the top 5 reasons why Working Mothers should not quit their jobs as per me:

  1. Role Model –

    Children always spend more time with their mothers than their fathers. If we want our children to study and work hard we need to show them the benefits of studying hard in form of a job. If we do not use our professional knowledge in front of our children and show them the benefits in form of salary or other perks, probably they would not be motivated to study hard.

  2. Financial Independence –

    With the increasing price, a helping hand is always welcome. If both the spouses are working then the expenses can also be shared by both and the amount of savings and investments also increases, which in return helps the couple to provide with better lifestyle to their children.

  3. Social Security –

    Well life is unpredictable these days,every day in the newspapers we come across articles wherein, either people loose their jobs, get divorced or some people loose their life at an early age. These are unfortunate incidents, which may happen to anyone at any point of time. Therefore, it is always better to be prepared to face any condition in life. Working in an organisation or a company not only makes you financially independent but also makes you strong mentally to face any situations in life.

  4. Continuous Learning –

    While we work with an organisation, we continuously learn and update our knowledge with respect to that particular field and are able to help our children better with their studies and overall development.

  5. Respecting your parents and yourself-

    If a Woman has been working with an organisation, which means she is educated and definitely a lot goes behind the education of a woman. Definitely, the ultimate goal of a girl’s education is not getting the best husband (Rich). If we women do not respect our education and qualifications, then we cannot expect others to do so.

India is a Country, where at one point of time, Agriculture was our main source of Income. During those days, women would also work in the fields just like the men in the fields. Even post child birth women would carry their children on their back while working in the fields and sometimes would leave them under the shade of a tree. The reason why women worked in fields even then was because not all families could afford an additional paid labour. So these are Top 5 Reasons why Working Mothers Should not quit their jobs.

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