Children’s day is just around the corner, you still do not have enough time to organise a kids party or an office program on Children’s Day. What do you do? Just forget it as just another day ? Definitely No…. you can still make this day special for your loved ones and your kids..using these last minute tips… Here are some innovative ways to celebrate Children’s Day.

  1. Teach the joy of giving

    While, many of us are fortunate to celebrate Children’s day happily with our children, there are quiet a few unfortunate children who are still unfortunate and compromise on their childhood. It is important that we teach our children the Joy of Giving and buy a few snacks or stationery or some articles which these children can use for themselves.

  2. Spend time with your own kids

    The best gift a child can get is his parents time. Parents can take a day off and spend some gadget free quality time with their children. Just talking to them and understanding their needs and problems for an entire day can bring solution to a lot of problems in our lives. Well, this is one of the best ways in all of the ways to celebrate Children’s Day. 

  3. Taking your children to work

    It would be actually fun to take your children to your work place at least for a couple of hours. But it actually depends on your Child’s age and your profession and work place rules. Overall, taking children to your workplace will make them feel like an adult and feel that you have also welcomed them in your lives. Opening and giving them access to your lifestyle also helps in increasing the bond.

  4. Teach them a new art

    What is that one art or hobby that your child always wanted to learn ? Enroll them or organise for a one day workshop for an art or hobby classes. Usually on the occasion of Children’s day many malls have programs for children.

  5. Role play their dream profession for a day

    Is your child fascinated by a Fire Fighter? Then take him to a Fire Station and request them to allow your child to have a look at the Fire Brigade, though this may be entirely at the discretion of the place you visit, but children would love it when they get access to the place that they have always dreamt of.  

  6. Treasure hunt/ Outdoor Activities

    Conduct an entire day of treasure Hunt and outdoor Activities for your child. Children these days are entirely obsessed with electronics. Take them out for a trek or to the beach/lake and spend a day in fun activities.

  7. No Gadgets Week

    Spend an entire day minus the electronic gadgets for your children. Both Parents and children need to keep aside your mobile phones, TV’s, Ipads and laptops and spend an entire day together doing everything minus technology.

  8. Hand print/ hand mould

    You can opt for many DIY Activities such an making a Hand Cast or Hand Printed Painting as a memory for this day. These days a lot of ready made kits are available in the market for making a hand mould. This would be a lifetime memory for you and your children.

  9. Trekking

    Just randomly move out to an unplanned trek to the nearest mountain. A Trek does not have to be a weekend trek. It can be just a short trek for a couple of hours. Trek helps in bonding and developing survival skills and definitely who would not enjoy getting a break from the routine city.

  10. Plant a tree

    You can plant a couple of plants in your society or any open plot along with your children and explain them the importance of trees. Ask your children to name the plants and make them plant parents. Again this is a good way out of all the ways to celebrate Children’s Day.

  11. Write a Journal

    This Children’s day gift them a journal and ask them to write down anything important that happens in their life in this journal. A few years down the line, when they walk down the memory lane, this will be the best gift.

  12. Make children aware about their rights

    Well another thing that you could do is instead of lecturing them about children’s day, you can make them aware about their rights. Educate them about Child Sex Abuse, Right to Education, Freedom of Speech etc. 

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These are the 12 ways to celebrate Children’s Day and can make this day special and fun for your children.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star


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