While trolling Facebook today, I got to know that people are celebrating the week as Breastfeeding Week. So, I thought of sharing my breastfeeding journey here. It was tough initially, extremely tough to see my baby struggling to get milk, as we all know it is not easy to get the first milk both for the mother and the baby, both feel helpless. But finally after two days of struggle finally I got to feed my tiny one. Obviously, I was not starving her, she was on formula for two days, but she needed me.

I am sorry to say but unlike most mothers I didn’t felt the bond initially as I couldn’t even get up properly due to my stitches, it hurt, it really did, but soon feeling her tiny hands, the way she used to sleep on me, I started loving it. I used to laugh when she used to grab me and didn’t let me place my hand on my breast while feeding her, as if she is saying ‘mumma this is mine, keep your hands away’. We both struggled throughout this journey, she used to get reflexes, I didn’t know the positioning, but we learnt, her grandmother was a great help, and we passed the exam. Today, when she has crossed the 6 cautious months, she plays, laughs, giggles while feeding, I think she enjoys being there and we both feel the warmth.

Next chapter is hard, her weaning has started , now she is not dependent on my feed only, I still feed her but it is not enough for her grown tummy now and it really hurts both physically and mentally when she doesn’t take the feed frequently. But I strongly believe that if happy time didn’t stay, tough one shall pass too.

Wish me luck!

May the Almighty be with me! Your kind advises are always  welcome. Please comment, share the spread the love.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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