Hello New Mums, It’s Mittali New mother of a 4 month old baby girl and here is something I feel like sharing with you all which might help you too-Spit Ups in Infants-What to do

My child 4 months old baby girl , spit up after every feed and many other times as well for quite a long time, she spits a lot , she spits curdled milk which is usually considered fine in Infants. But as a new mother I was worried I consulted many pediatricians. All said the same thing it happens kids have GERD, which causes them to spit up , their digestive system is too small and they gasp air while on breastfeed. GERD is not a disease , in simple words it is a kind of acidity in Infants as far as I understood from our pediatrician .

  • Spit Ups in Infants-What to do: Remedy –

    Well, as far as remedy is concerned I am no doctor and yeah medical science has no remedy for this as well . Mothers are often advised on Breastfeeding positions but if you are already doing it wrong or don’t actually understand the damn position.

  •  What you can do in that situation or what I do –

  • Hold your baby at a 30 degree angle or just take her on your shoulder or turn her upside down on your lap and Pat her back gently it will help the child to throw easily.
  • If your child cries too much take her to a walk to help release the gas.
  • Give your child some tummy time. place her tummy against your tummy to help reduce the reflux or gas.

These tips are from my own experience, I hope it will help other mums out there to help soothe their munchkins. Take care mothers and do let me know whether this write up was a help or not. And yes….Take it Easy Moms..!!!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star …!!

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