Hey you, yeah every mom out there, look yourself in the mirror and say it to that pretty lady on the other side ” you are beautiful the way you are, doesn’t matter whether you did your hair today or not or if you could not dressed up , take a deep breathe because you are doing the best job in the world, so wear a smile the best ornament you have and take up the charge”. So, Take it Easy Mom!

So, how did it feel?

On the top of the world I guess. See how positivity can alter your lifestyle. Take it easy because you are a mom. you might be wondering why am I writing this . Well, first of all congratulate me as my baby girl is going to complete her 5 months in 4 days. let me tell you this has been the toughest phase of my life, pregnancy , c- section, post tantrum oh god ! such an emotional blast I had . Handling an infant without any elder support is the toughest of them all.

Initial 3 months passed well with my mom’s support , thank you maa and I love you a lot, this one is for you. And now I am single handily handling my angel during the day time, for the evenings there is her father.

I have started loving my mom more than ever you know why , today I know what it takes to be a mom. Truly, taking care of a new born with no help around can be really tough , you may find yourself burst into tears sometimes , you may doubt yourselves many a times ‘ Am I doing it right?’ , how will do this, how will do that, is my baby growing ok, when will get my sleep, when will I get the me time, plethora of questions run into your head. Here is a single answer to all those, ” you will get everything but with time, so just take it easy Mom! Just enjoy this beautiful journey, trust me you are going to miss this time the most.

This is the time when your baby is closest to your heart. And you just love this very fact that you are a mom, don’t you? so, enjoy and welcome to the beautiful world of motherhood. see yeah!

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