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These are the words we don’t like to say aloud in our country or in some cases we are not allowed to say so. Women still hesitate to purchase that packet of sanitary napkins from a male salesman (at least at some places not everywhere).  We still get worried if we get stained. We change the TV channel if we see ads of whisper, stayfree or else. A large number of our women are not aware of the period hygiene. Many mothers still hesitate to discuss this topic with their kids, the movie ‘Phullu’ is the best example which proves this statement. Boys still laugh whenever the topic of reproduction is discussed in the class and in some cases the chapter is skipped and is not taught as the teacher feels ashamed to discuss the topic. I am nobody to change the society but I feel children should be taught about this and there should not be much a do on this topic . Here is my guidance on Menstruation – To My Daughter:

  • It is Natural- Dear daughter Menstruation or periods is as natural as breathing.
  • No pickle will be ruined if you touch it while Menstruation.
  • No God bars you from entering the temple or any other worship place during those five days.
  • Dear Daughter, this is the reason you came into my life.
  • You are not impure during this time, never ever feel impure.
  • Never hesitate to ask for a sanitary napkin. In fact in your school or wherever you will work when you grow up ask for a vending machine or any other option.
  • You should be aware of the terms like sanitary napkin, tampon, menstrual cup, period panties etc.
  • Ask your teacher to discuss the chapter of reproduction and explain to those who laugh during the session that this is the how we take birth.
  • Don’t worry if you get stained. It is Natural, don’t be ashamed.
  • Maintain a proper hygiene for your health sake.
  • It is not disease but it is okay to take rest or a leave once in a while in Menstruation.
  • There is no harm in exercising while Menstruation in fact it will smoothen the blood flow. Just avoid the heavy ones as your body needs more energy during that time.
  • No need to hide the packet of sanitary napkins.
  • Eat whatever you want and take a chill pill.
  • Use Hot Water bottle to lessen the pain.
  • And at last it is not a taboo at all and please avoid to make it one.

It is hard for mothers to give guidance on menstruation to our daughters as they will take time to understand that it is a natural phenomenon. If we try not to put these social stigmas in their minds it will become much more easier.

This one is my personal opinion and based on my study and personal experiences so far, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments , but this is how I feel and this is small guidance on menstruation to my daughter. Please leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star …!!

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