Happy 6 Months-My Journey of Learning: 6 January 2017, remembrance of the day gives me goosebumps , there were tears in my eyes while I was lying on the OT table and the doctor announced congratulations Mittali it’s a baby girl. I know every mother will relate to this feeling. 6 months passed and I still love the feeling, these 6 months I must tell you were never easy , my baby and the circumstances taught me a lot.

Here are a few things I would love to share with you guys I learnt throughout this beautiful journey of motherhood –

  • Feeling of being a mother is incomparable to any feeling in the world.
  • You don’t feel filthy anymore  while hearing words like poop/spit ups, pee, vomit, fart or else, literally after being a mother your world revolves around these words.
  • You learn by doing from your child’s massage, bath to breastfeeding, it takes time and you get the perfection .
  • Sometimes you can’t figure out why your  kid is crying and is getting inconsolable, well ! What I feel is every mother should follow her instinct first, still confused, then follow that of your partner’s or mother’s , keep aside those plethora of advices. And yeah! after hearing your baby cry everybody will come to you and say ‘she is hungry or is bhuk lgi hogi’ which is not true always , hunger is one of the reasons but not always a reason, calm down, take a deep breathe and try to figure out may be the child has wet herself, or her diaper is dirty, or she got rashes, her stomach is aching or may be she is feeling uneasy in front of many people available or she just needs your warmth, or she needs to spit up or she is hungry , or she needs to burp, or she just needs to cuddle, bring your child up and place her to your shoulder try to calm her down and then fulfill her needs, it will help you and her , your bonding with the child will become stronger in this way.
  • You will be facing postpartum depression which is completely fine, don’t worry it’s a phase it will pass too. Being expressive will be helpful to pass the phase. Express yourself to your partner, parents, friends, make yourself understood, let those feelings come out. Cry to let it go and wake up with a happy face and look at the smile of your child as you are going to live for that from now on, it will give you power to conquer.
  • Whatever happens to your child you will be blamed for that, ignore anyway as you only know that you are doing the best for little one.
  • There will be a ton of advises on your table as they all feel concerned, and you can’t follow every single advice, do what you feel right, trust yourself, you are her mother , you will do the best, ask your pediatrician or your mom who raised you.
  • Breastfeeding is a blessing , you just love the feeling when the little one holds your hand while feeding , initially it won’t be easy and won’t feel good but soon you will feel it’s a bond which connects you two. Cuddle her while feeding, make her feel you are there for her, a child feels secure when you place your hand on her head or run your fingers there , my mother says so and my baby loves it.
  • You get the superpowers when you become a mother so take up the charge and just go for it.
  • Your baby is on your mind all the time which is natural, the best part is at least in my case that you will wake up in the middle of the night as your instinct tells you that it’s her feeding time.
  • Sleep becomes a dream and they say ‘sleep when your child is sleeping’ which is easy saying then done as you have household chores to do , leave household chores but your routine activities from brushing your teeth to eating or taking a bath, everything becomes a task, it will take time but you will adjust accordingly , you will learn time management gradually.
  • You start respecting your parents more.
  • Hurray! Welcome to mommy squad. You now have mommy friends instead of girly friends .
  • Patience is the key.
  • Meditation helps.

There is a lot more, contact me we will talk more on this , will love to share and help. If I could I would have helped every mom out there, feel like writing more and more but I don’t want to bore you . My baby has now entered the weaning process which is also not easy but we are strong we will pass through this too and will keep enjoying.

You folks, just keep loving the journey and stay positive.

Happy Parenting, Positive parenting with Budding Star.

Adieu Budding Moms and love you Budding Star.

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