Hello parents, hope you all are doing fine. So, today I am going to talk about this little screen you and me holding in our hands while reading and sharing this article, yes you got it right the small idiot box called mobile, smartphone or whatever you may call it, but whole thing is we are trapped, yes we are Phone Trapped in this mobile world.

We are always concerned about toddlers’ never ending love for these. Of course we are not happy about it. Who doesn’t know about the famous Blue Whale Challenge Case. How a game put a child to death.

We are phone trapped. The time is gone when we used to wake up next to our loved ones, now we wake up next to our smartphones. Tell me honestly, what is the first thing you do in the morning? Freshen up, no! It’s facebook up, WhatsApp up, Twitter up, or else, we wake up, pick our respective phones and check Facebook feed, WhatsApp messages, many more. Nature is history these days and this lifestyle is taking us to our graves. I may sound harsh but that’s how the picture looks like. We are the one who are  gifting this kind of lifestyle to our kids.

Every parent nowadays is so busy in their phones and forget that our little ones learn from us. They do what they see. It’s easy to tackle a fussy child with a mobile phone, but before doing this ask yourself once, ‘is it necessary?’ If the answer is no, please stop doing it every time . Why not to find other ways. Always remember our parents raised us without these little electronic monsters. I am not against using mobile phones. After all it gave us a lot but every boon is a curse at the same time.

If mobile phones are so important for kids why did Bill Gates kept his children away from cellphones till they turned 14? I feel that every parent should read what Bill Gates has to say, his guidelines on using smartphones for his kids . Screen time is good but not always and there should be a definite age for getting tech friendly, we should not snatch our little one’s childhood by giving them cell phones just because it amuses them.

Always keep in mind ‘All that glitters is not Gold’.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star 

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