Moms? Crying Babies? Clueless! How to soothe a crying baby? Is this what runs in your head every time you see your baby crying. Let me solve your query, I know you will give me anything for this, but I am not going to charge a Paisa. Just read it through-

Dear Moms, the first and foremost thing to calm a crying baby is to know the reason behind it, I know it’s not easy , actually it’s a trial and error method which applies with the babies. Here is the help-

  • Hunger

    Hunger cry is kind of a wanting cry, imagine if you want something how would you cry? Well, my 8 months old cries something like- ‘ehhhh ehhhh ehhh hhh’, when she is hungry. Take a pause and try to identify. Still not, offer her to feed, if accepts, feed her, if not find another reason. It could be…

  • Colic or Stomach ache

    This is quite common in babies. Babies are prone to acidity, they have GERD. Try touching the belly, if hard it is the reason, this a personally tried one. I offer colicaid ez or any home remedy (do consult your pediatrician first) to my baby in this case or just pass air with my mouth on her navel, so that she passes gas and feels relieved.

  • Seeks Attention

    Sometimes your little one cries just to seek your attention. Place her on your shoulder, she may need your warmth.

  • Sleepy

    Babies cry when they are extremely tired or sleepy. Try to put them to sleep.

  • Strangers or Crowd

    Babies may cry in front of new people or at a crowded place. Give them some solace , just you and your baby time.

  • Spit-Ups- 

    Spit ups can be really troublesome, place your baby either on her stomach preferably in your lap or on your shoulder to help them throw up.

  • Teething Trouble

    Babies’ gums start getting swollen around 4 months. This may cause trouble to them. Try home remedies or take them in fresh air.

  • Leg Cramps

    Try massaging the legs , if works you got it right.

  • Dirty Diaper

    My little one never bears a wet diaper, she cries until I change it.

  • Peeing or Pooping

    Tiny babies have to work really hard even while pooping or peeing. In this case only you can’t help, they will stop crying when done.

  • Sing when in Doubt

    When you are unable to figure out the reason behind that crankiness, just sing to them. You may not be a good singer but a mother to them, believe me they can be soothed by your voice only.

  • Distraction Method

    Distract them in case of any trouble, it works. Take them for a walk, show them some pictures, give them toys etc. anything you could do to distract them.

Go, go, check out why is your little one crying, go soothe them and if any of my suggestions helped you , do leave a comment.

Till then, Happy Parenting Mom Squad.

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