Thank You Papa!

Father, Papa, Daddy, these are not mere words but my world of happiness.  If I would say better he is the reason behind who I am today. Papa, you never complained but I feel that I could not find the best gift for you , so this one is for you.

My Papa, My Hero Mr. Satya Bhushan Khurana, the man behind my glory, the man who taught me how to be independent and why it is important to be independent.

Papa, who always wants me to grow.

Papa, who was there when I gave up on life. Papa, who taught me to respect myself first.

Papa, who never let my Bank Account to hit the number zero.

Papa, who had my phone at auto-recharge mode (Recharge is very important these days after all 😉 )

Papa, who made sure that I get the best of education.

Papa, who throws my birthday party even if I couldn’t make home on birthdays often.

Papa, who loves to wear my gifted shirt again and again.

Papa, who cried the most when I got married.

Papa, who cleans dishes to help me in the absence of Mumma.

Papa, who made the dining table the TT (Table Tennis) table to please me as he couldn’t afford the actual one.

Papa, no matter how tired he is , never refuses to accompany me in my favorite sport.

Papa, who ensures that the man of my life loves me more than him.

“Yes, Papa he does love me a lot, but no one can love me more than you, you will always be first love.”

Papa, who asks Mumma to cook my favorite food whenever I am home.

Papa, who reaches to receive me half an hour before my arrival.

Papa, who just can’t refuse me no matter what I ask for.

Just one word , “Thank You Papa.”

You mean the world to me, my world of happiness, Love you Papa!

Happy Father’s Day

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