Every mother wishes the best of health wealth and happiness for her baby. And I am no different. However merely wishing something doesn’t warrant its fulfillment. Children enjoy a lifetime of good health (physical and emotional), prosperity and happiness when they implement good habits and certain life skills into their day to day life. Here is my list of Ten life skills for children to raise them into happy healthy and independent individuals.

1. Enjoying meals. Learning to enjoy little things in life makes life happier and enriching. While common place for most, a healthy full meal still remains a privilege for many. Technically also mindful eating promote good health and effective absorption of nutrients by the body.

2. Reading to see the world from a hundred different eyes. Every traveler has a unique view of the valley. Books gives you the panorama of life from different angles. A book enthusiast is can be alone but never lonely.

3. Express not to impress. We live in a world where social recognition is more important than self recognition. Often this leads to a lifetime of insecurities and breeds jealousy. Children need to be taught to express their true self without worrying about popularity.

4. Celebrating life each day. Being a little more forgiving about what happened in the past, being thankful for what we have today and being optimistic about the possibilities future holds is a way of life every person should adopt.

5. Fall in love, stay in love. No one needs to learn how to fall in love because nature has its own way of teaching this but few people know how to stay in love. Staying in love requires forgiveness, persistence, acceptance. Children who are taught forgiveness, persistence and acceptance grow up to become dependable friend and loving spouse.

6. Stay independent and be dependable. Here I do not mean financial independence but the kind of independence where we learn to take care of ourselves. And this is one of the most important skills every single person should know. Earning a living, making your own food, picking up after yourself and taking care of yourself when no one is around is the kind of independence every child needs to be taught.

7.Know your strength, admit your faults. Since we all want our children to be successful in their careers it’s very important to help them identify their strength and unique talent. Not expecting to be all rounders it’s also important to acknowledge their faults and weaknesses.

8. Embrace change. Species have perished from Earth not being able to survive change. Change is uncomfortable but inevitable. We need to help our kids embrace change and not resist it. That’s the way they are going to survive when they venture out from our protective premises.

9. Enjoy traveling. Traveling helps us to unwind, learn, broaden our perspective towards life and makes life richer.

10. Fall seven times stand up eight. When a child starts walking he doesn’t walk straight in the first attempt. He tries, stumbles, tries again and again until he walks a few steps. Then again repeats the same thing. This is the biggest life lesson. Never give up. Try until you succeed.

So these are Ten Life skills for children. Although I believe life is the greatest teacher, I would give my best to teach my children these skills so that they grow up to become sound and self reliant individuals capable of handling challenges and success alike.

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